On Friday, April 15, NeXus RV had the pleasure of hosting a large tour of folks from Minnesota and Michigan who traveled down to Elkhart to see the plant and the variety of Class A, Class A Diesel Pushers, Class B+, and Class C products, including the Super C.

Owners Claude Donati and Dave Middleton provided warm introductions to the NeXus RV Indiana factory-direct showroom and salespersons Brienne Ropp and Nate Lint hosted the plant tour, which involved a thorough explanation of the building process and specialty features exclusive to NeXus RV. A custom-built Bentley Class A unit was a huge hit as the group was amazed at what NeXus offered in the form of luxury RVs. The transformation from cheese and crackers to the final interest in NeXus RV and loading up on brochures made this tour an exciting afternoon for NeXus staff. Final statements of “amazing,” “beautiful,” and “would love to own one” as well as the exiting smiling faces made this tour a perfect way to end a productive week.

Since 2010, NeXus RV has expanded from Indiana to include showrooms in Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona.

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