EXPERIENCE the Factory Direct Difference with NeXus RV Motorhomes!

At NeXus RV we believe you, our customers, have a genuine passion for RVing. Wherever you go and with whomever you take, let NeXus RV build your dream at a substantial savings to you!

Co-founders Claude Donati and Dave Middleton decided to begin their Factory Direct approach in 2010,  and since then, NeXus RV has been continually manufacturing Class C Motorhomes, Class B+ Motorhomes, and Super C Diesel and Class A Diesel Pusher Motor Homes for your RVing enjoyment.

It has been proven that Factory Direct is the best way to buy an RV. With an upfront savings of thousands, the factory direct approach enhances your buying experience giving you the personal attention you desire when considering a significant purchase such as an RV.

We believe there’s an RV for everyone. So if you’re an adventurer at heart…then stop by one of our showrooms and see for yourself why NeXus RV is the leader in Factory Direct.

nexus rv class a diesel pusher motorhome rv camper

Class A Diesel Pusher

The NeXus RV Class A diesel pusher motorhome is created with a state-of-the-art, high strength low alloy steel frame system built on a Freightliner rail chassis. These motor homes are fully equipped, have large windshields for maximum view, and allow the driver and passenger seats to be turned around and act as part of the living quarters.
nexus rv class a gas motorhome rv camper

Class A Gas

The Class A gas motorhome by NeXus RV is built on a rail chassis with the most durable, high strength, low alloy steel cage construction to protect you and your family.
Fully equipped, they have a large windshield for maximum view and, like the diesel pusher, allow the driver and passenger seats to be turned around to act as part of the living quarters.
class super c diesel motorhomes

Class Super C Diesel

The NeXus RV Super C diesel motorhome has all the benefits of a Class C, such as better sleeping capacity and serviceability, but is a diesel built on an International chassis. Super Cs gives you greater towing capacity as well as added luxury. These units have all the essential equipment.
class c motorhomes

Class C

The Class C motorhome by NeXus RV is built on a cutaway Ford chassis with a V10 gas engine. All steel cage construction allows the safest and best driving experience in the Class C industry and a 6’10” interior ceiling provides a comfortable, home-like atmosphere.
class b motorhomes

Class B+

Built on a cutaway Ford chassis, the NeXus RV Class B+ motorhome is similar to a Class C motorhome except they are built without the overhead sleeping area and they are typically slightly smaller in height and length. Perfect for customers wanting to downsize and prefer to have a unit that could maneuver easily into tight areas.

“These guys will go out of their way!”

“These guys will go out of their way to make changes and to do it correctly.” – DeJonghe, 29 Viper owners, Michigan

The Viper 27V is the very best motorhome I have ever owned. The team at NeXus RV is committed to making sure the customer is happy. I would highly recommend buying your motorhome from NeXus RV because they not only saved me money, they built the unit the way that I wanted it!
Lev-tov, 27 Viper owner, Maryland
Dave and Claude “made our day.” There is no better way to purchase an RV than the business model NeXus RV has set up for their customers. After speaking briefly with several of your employees, I am confident that they will do a great job in constructing our 28 footer.
Long, 28 Phantom owner, West Virginia
We just returned from the NeXus RV factory where we placed our order for the Phantom 23P! David Middleton, Claude Donati, and all the people at the factory treated us more like family than a customer. This is our 4th RV in 40 years. The quality of every part and workmanship is very impressive! We are excited about our new motor home. Thanks for everything.
Sessions, 23 Phantom owner, Georgia
Our experience with NeXus RV before, during, and after our purchase was top notch. We feel that you only have one time to make a good first impression, and NeXus RV accomplished it with friendly staff and a service department with a “we can do it” attitude. It is rare to find people to exceed expectations. Thank you, NeXus RV, for going above and beyond to make our purchase a pleasant one!
Lepsig, 34 Bentley owner, North Carolina
I am a newly single just learning about RVing on my own. It has been a long time dream to have an RV/coach after retirement. I attended shows and researched for almost 2 years. The NeXus Phantom has about everything I was looking for in the size I needed – 25 ft. I flew from Texas to Indiana to pick up my Phantom. The entire experience has been fantastic! Everyone was over-the-top helpful in making sure I understood features and was comfortable in the way the coach handled. I had a problem with a motor on the slide-out, but NeXus service helped handle the repair “long distance.” The Service Department is 5-star! If I decide to trade up to a longer coach, I’ll be back to NeXus!
Nobles, 25 Phantom owner, Texas
Grace and I visited NeXus RV last year and we wrote a glowing post. This year I called and talked to Donna. I was going to tell her we could not afford a Bentley and we were going with Thor but she ended up working a deal on a Bentley in Clearwater. Grace and I went to Clearwater and guess what, we now own a Bentley.
There were a couple of issues that needed to be fixed and that took a lot of back and forth telephone calls. Now as a second owner there is no warranty, which I knew but NeXus has gone that second mile to answer all of my questions and more. Lori, Jim, Ashley and Dave have all stepped up to the plate and taken their time and efforts to ensure I got fixed what needed to be fixed or provided me with the information on how to fix something. As with any complex product there are bound to be issues but be assured the staff at NeXus truly stand by their product.
Campbell, 34 Bentley owner, Georgia