nexus rv class a diesel pusher motorhome rv camper

Bentley Class A Diesel Pusher

The NeXus RV Class A diesel pusher motorhome is created with a state-of-the-art, high strength low alloy steel frame system built on a Freightliner rail chassis. These motor homes are fully equipped, have large windshields for maximum view, and allow the driver and passenger seats to be turned around and act as part of the living quarters.
nexus rv class a gas motorhome rv camper

Maybach Class A Gas

The Class A gas motorhome by NeXus RV is built on a rail chassis with the most durable, high strength, low alloy steel cage construction to protect you and your family.
Fully equipped, they have a large windshield for maximum view and, like the diesel pusher, allow the driver and passenger seats to be turned around to act as part of the living quarters.
class super c diesel motorhomes

Ghost Class Super C Diesel

The NeXus RV Super C diesel motorhome has all the benefits of a Class C, such as better sleeping capacity and serviceability, but is a diesel built on an International chassis. Super Cs gives you greater towing capacity as well as added luxury. These units have all the essential equipment.
class c motorhomes

Wraith Class Super C Diesel

The Wraith Super C Diesel is a Motor home RV with the living accommodations built on an International DuraStar chassis. A full-size bed in the cabover section compliments the ample seating, galley, and bathroom facilities in the coach.
class c motorhomes

Phantom Class C

The Class C motorhome by NeXus RV is built on a cutaway Ford chassis with a V10 gas engine. All steel cage construction allows the safest and best driving experience in the Class C industry and a 6’10” interior ceiling provides a comfortable, home-like atmosphere.
class b motorhomes

Viper Class B+

Built on a cutaway Ford chassis, the NeXus RV Class B+ motorhome is similar to a Class C motorhome except they are built without the overhead sleeping area and they are typically slightly smaller in height and length. Perfect for customers wanting to downsize and prefer to have a unit that could maneuver easily into tight areas.

Experience Nexus RV Motorhomes, a Full-Line Motorhome Manufacturer!

At NeXus RV, we believe in manufacturing a superior built motor home. Our brands — the Bentley Class A Diesel Pusher Motor home, the Maybach Class A Gas Motor home, the Phantom Class C Motor home, the Wraith Super C Diesel Motor home, the Ghost Super C Diesel Motor home, and the Viper Class B+ Motor home — are known in the industry for exclusive manufacturing philosophies, which begin with our strong foundation of high strength low alloy 20-gauge steel framing.

We also believe there is an RV for everyone. Our company’s principles reflect those of many privately held family owned companies that made the RV industry what it is today. We do what the customers and dealerships want, not what the stock market or shareholders suggest, as we are not a large publicly traded company. We are real people building RVs for real people.

NeXus RV is excited to announce we are going to be available at the very best dealership locations throughout North America. We are selling our super competitive brands through those dealerships that know a great product and understand the importance of our full featured exclusive designs.

See our “About Us” page for more detailed information.